State Institution «Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Traumatology and Orthopedics»

of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus

RSPC of traumatology and orthopedics provides fee based services for pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization of medical products in the plasma sterilizer STERRAD 100S.

Sterilizer STERRAD 100S, thanks to its exceptional possibilities of sterilization, is a world leader in the field of low-temperature plasma sterilization. STERRAD sterilization system provides a guaranteed level of sterility and high reliability, which is achieved due to the double sterilization cycle and use boosters for the sterilization of long channels. The sterilization process is controlled by the indicators on screen printing at the end of the cycle, chemical and biological indicators.

Централизованная стерилизационная в РНПЦ травматологии и ортопедии


The STERRAD 100S sterilizer provides:

sterilization of products sensitive to high temperature and humidity (plasma sterilization ensures the safety of tools and equipment that are sensitive to increased temperature and humidity, prolongs their lifespan). Especially effective is the use of this method for sterilization of articles of thermolabile materials and materials prone to active corrosion.sterilization of articles with long and narrow channels (the system gives the possibility to sterilize the inner surface of the channels of medical devices, e.g., endoscopes with a diameter of 1 mm and length up to 3000 mm).sterilization almost the entire nomenclature of medical devices (spectrum medical instruments that are compatible with STERRAD, is very wide: surgical instruments, optical devices, flexible and rigid endoscopes, video cameras, electrical devices, implants, instruments for microsurgery, electrophysiology catheters, elements of anesthesia and respiratory equipment, etc.).the destruction of all forms of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores.

The sterilization process is preceded by thorough preparation of medical products – pre-sterilization cleaning in a washing machine MIELE. Washing machine MIELE allows for pre-sterilization cleaning of a wide range of tools, including surgical, microsurgical, dental, IIR-instruments, anesthetic utensils and glassware. Technical characteristics of the washing machine and used washing preparations (Neodisher) guarantee the highest level of cleaning and ensure flawless results in the presence of various contaminants. Given the not always good quality of water, the MIELE machine is equipped with a unique water treatment system Profi Monobloc, providing cleaning and softening of water. Washing medical devices ends up drying with hot air. Vapor steam particles are captured HEPA filter, congenerous and sprayed, which ensures effective moisture removal at minimum energy consumption.

After pre-sterilization cleaning of medical instruments are securely Packed in the covering material.

Immediately after the completion of the sterilization cycle in the STERRAD system, sterile Packed instruments suitable for use or storage and, in turn, do not require additional conditions for their cooling or aeration over a long period of time.

The processes of cleaning and sterilization are performed by a specially trained and experienced personnel having good theoretical knowledge and practical skills of using modern means and technologies of sterilization.

Modern technology, quality equipment and qualified personnel - are the three pillars that have become the basis for the creation of effective and unique of the system of sterilization of medical instruments.